How To Choose A Realistic Vagina Without Having Acute Angina

Men are not noted for being the best shoppers. Variety and choice can become very confusing for them. An overwhelming sense of impatience overcomes them, because of all the decisions that can be made or should be made, the most important thing of all is to make a quick decision. Real men don’t dither and deliberate. They do.

If confronted by too much choice, with the exception of cars and drill bits, men will simply opt for the product which looks good. That’s because men are governed by what they see, visual stimulus rules.

If a woman were ever to choose a realistic vagina the last factor she would consider is the look. First, she would feel the type of plastic, then check out the number of speeds on the multi-speed controller, and most importantly, weigh up the cost versus the features on offer. You can test this theory for yourself by accompanying your wife or girlfriend to the supermarket. Note how long it takes for her to choose the fruit and vegetables. A man could complete the entire shopping trip while she’s still agonizing over the size of cabbages.

So it’s anyone’s guess why they gave men so many pocket pussies to choose from. There’s simply too much choice and too little advice on what is best. For example, on just one online sex store among dozens, there are over 100 different realistic vagina products. Then there are even more pocket pussy versions of several realistic vagina’s taking up countless ages – but who will ever click past page 2?

So here’s our guide to picking the perfect pussy for your needs:.

Choose your Porn Star: The chances are, if she’s been into porn for more than five minutes she’ll have either a signature pocket pussy or realistic vagina on the market. If you favor a particular starlet you can quickly search her product online.

Plastics: Look for CyberSkin, Futurotic, RealSkin, UR3, FantaFlesh or Loveskin. All these flesh-like materials are phthalate-free, easy to clean and warm to the touch. Silicone is the most hygienic and easiest to clean,

Love tunnels: The better quality realistic vaginas have separate love tunnels, the cheaper ones tend not to. One love tunnel simply means whether you penetrate the ass or the pussy, it’s going to feel the same which is not exactly true to life and defeats the object of the exercise.

Position: Which way do you want to drill your realistic pussy? Missionary? Doggie style? Jackhammer? Once you’ve decided this you can cut out dozens of products from consideration. The way you penetrate the product will add to the level of excitement you will experience. See

Size: If privacy is important, it’s worth bearing in mind that some of these sex toys can weigh 10kg or more and can be quite sizeable, so if you need to keep your perfect pussy hidden check on dimensions and weight.

Price: Price varies greatly from product to product and from store to store. Check several sites for the same model, but bear in mind, high price does not necessarily guarantee the best product. Decide a budget and check out a few realistic vaginas in that price range to ensure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

Bullets: Bullets and multi-speed controllers abound, so check your realistic pussy has one if vibrations are important to you.

Reviews: Of course one of the best ways to determine a great product is to read from those who have already shelled out their cash for it. They are going to tell the truth, and some products that sound great can have quality issues, while other products that are cheap can truly kick ass.

You can cut through the clutter in minutes by ensuring  your realistic pussy meets your expectations under these criteria:

  • Porn star endorsed: Think of your favorite porn babe and she probably has a sex toy
  • Plastics: Silicone is best because it’s easiest to clean.
  • Love tunnels: Separate pussy and ass tunnels mean a better experience
  • Position: Decide which way you want to experience your sex toy
  • Size: Will it fit your lifestyle?
  • Price: Shop around because they vary greatly
  • Bullets: Check if your pussy has them if it’s an important feature for you

Reviews: Find out the truth without all the sex store overkill.